Where Collectors meet Tacticians. Competitive and innovative.
After 15 Years of Starvation the Tacticians community is finally going to know his Revolution. Built-in Tournaments, Built-in Championship, 4 kinds of battles, Unique TBT Battleground, here are few of the Foundations which are awaiting you in the APEXARENA.
  • Built-in Tournaments
Casual, Build You Army, Rookie Stack, APEXARENA, There are 4 categories of tournaments to which you can participate, with different kind of format, Rush, Daily, Daily Deal, each format allow you to participate to a tournament which will respect your rhythm. From 1 match per day (Daily) to as much match as you want (Rush) everyone will find a tournaments which fist to him.

Mentioned just above the Rookie Stack and the APEXARENA will be the 2 Built-In World Championship. Each stage of tournaments bring a number of point, each time you reach one you will earn it and they will count toward the 3 month seasonal World Championship Leader-board. At the End of each Seasons we will know who is the APEXCHAMPION.

  • Unique “ADAPT-AND-WALK“ battleground
Never saw before, for the First Time Ever, in a the Turn Based Tactic (TBT) kind, The zone have different size I can not tell you more check the picture to better understand what I mean. We will finally feel the impact of the battleground in a TBT.

  • The All Time most Fair Deployment Phase, with 2 stages AND 2 substages
Ambush, hidden and alternating Deployment, all 3 combined in the most Fair Deployment Phase ever Though. You will finally witness a Total Equity from the very start of the battle, with a True Skill Impact (Already from the deployment) Without the Legendary well-known “advantage first”.
Talk about it just before Ambushes are real. Yes you will have dedicate place where you can deploy ambush. Surprising your opponents and capitalizing on your Tactician’s Skill.

  • Battleground and Weather impact
Weathers and Battlefield are 2 keys of the battles so there is no way to have a realistic confrontation without them. No worries they are all both present and will both have a deep repercussion on your strategy, hidden in the field, blocked by swamp, awaiting in the forest, Taking advantage of hills, your squads will have to adapt if they want to win the fight.

  • Realistic battles with Simultaneous Attack
As said before, during a real fight, no advantages is given to the attackers (or the defenders) so each time you attack a squads or get attacked, the fight is simultaneous allowing draws. So better plan correctly because a huge mistake could be fatal.

  • Built-in 2 level of competition Ranked and Tournaments (18- AND 18+)
Mentioned previously the Rookie Stack will be reserved for Under 18- only and the APEXARENA for Above 18+ only, to guaranty the most Fair Competition.  You do Not have enough time for Tournaments ? No Worries there are obviously the usual Quick Battles and the over well-known Ranked which always come with it. With The Most Fair Ever “Your Rank,Your Skill” Rank’s ladder. This time Your Rank will be really based on Your Skill and nothing else. So whatever you win or lose you will Finally have the Rank that YOU Deserve. Furthermore, the Quick Battles also have his own 3 month Seasonal Leader Board. Which means that at the end of each season we will know who is The APEX TACTICIAN.

  • Duel “1 on 1”, Team-Up “2 on 2”, Escape the Hill “1 on 1 on 1 on 1” and Save the Plow, whatever you like is here
What ? Duel (1 on 1) is not your speciality, no problems everything You want is Here. Team-Up (2 on 2), Escape The Hill (1 on 1 on 1 on 1) and even a Unique Save the Plow (Impliying 5 contenders YES FIVE) will know how to convince you.  PURE TACTIC style, no in-game currencies, no hidden fees, you have Everything you need DAY 1, and you can even get more by winning tournaments.

  • CCG Advantages Without Drawbacks
From the Build Your Army Tournaments to the Dedicated Bet Quick Battles (and the usual Common/End of Seasons reward) you will have all the time and all the opportunity needed to have your Dream Army. Best of all you will be able to Bet those that you don’t like against the one that you want. Still that the winner only will get the Whole.  Depending the KickStarter Success up to 5 True Factions will await you all along your path: Romans, Greeks, Gallic, Carthaginians and Egyptians with their famous Legionaries, javelin, Triarii, Phalangist, Numbians archer, War chariot, skirmisher and way more (Around 10 Different Squads By Faction). The Troops will be ready for the Fight and awaiting your orders.

  • Community Powered
Everyone who join the KickStarter Campaign and pledge a minimum of 20€ will have access to the First Ever Alpha and Beta where your Feedbacks will be only Gathered Through Polls and we will respect the results.