Welcome to The APEXARENA

Welcome to Your Temple !

The APEXARENA where Collectors meet Tacticians. Competitive and innovative.

Build your Dream Army and climb the Ladder of the Built-in World Championship, through Epic Tactical Confrontations and Unique Battlegrounds.

Romans, Carthaginians, Greeks, Egyptians, Gallics will all be here (If Kickstarter Campaign Succeed) awaiting you to build Your Path and Bring Your Flag To the Victory.

Collector, Fan of Strategy/Tactic but not of 1 on 1. No worries you will be able to enjoy 2 on 2, Third Legion, Escape The Hill and up to 10 Battles variants (If the Kickstarter Campaign succeed), where win the battle will not always depend of the enemies elimination.

But it’s far from over. The Unique battle to which you will participate will imply Battlefield impact, Weather (Yes, and better to anticipate it because it could ruin your plan), The unique Deployment Phase with 2 different Stages and an amazing “ADAPT-AND-WALK” battleground

With innovate Battles, Combining Parity, Skills, Surprise, Speed and Rewards. From New Comers to Experts The APEXARENA is really focus to offer to any one, thank to his huge diversity of battles and his built in 2 Levels of competition, an arena which fist perfectly to their level.

Short Recap about what is awaiting you (If Kickstarter Campaign Succeed):

  • Ambushes. Allowing surprises and twists, Capitalizing on your Tactician’s Skills

  • Unique “ADAPT-AND-WALK“ battleground. Each way are Unique, With unlimited possibilities

  • Weather impact offering Epic Confrontations, with unpredictable Situations

  • Built-in Tournaments And Championship. Anyone can become WORLD CHAMPION

  • The first ever MMO with 2 Levels of Difficulty (Starter and Expert) Guaranteeing anyone a True opportunity to Reach their full potential

  • 3 Different Rhythms of Tournament. Adapting to all your desire

  • 10 Types of Battles if we reach 80K€. From 2 to 8 Participants, any one, at any level have His own Place in the APEXARENA

  • 5 Factions (Romans, Gallics, Egyptians, Greeks, Carthaginians)

  • Museum Level Units Accuracy. In Honour of warriors who made History

  • 4 Kinds of Tournament with True rewards clarity. All the CCG advantages without Drawbacks

  • Realistic battles with Simultaneous Attack. Deepening Realism

  • The All Time most Fair Deployment Phase, with 2 stages AND 2 substages

  • Quick Battles, And Ranked, With 5 Categories. Wherever, Whenever.

  • Your Rank, Your Skill, the Most Fair and Clear Rank’s ladder. Whatever you win or lose, It will only depend of the battle itself

  • Third Mystery kind: The direct path to Your Dreams

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Klupteem Early-Alpha Launch. ApexArena Road to 10K
17th May 23 - 18H22

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back

From Klupteem to the ApexArena, Budget limitation and inefficient Advertisement. 2 Projects, 2 Hubs 1 Community. From Community Builders To Strategist, School's Club to Esport. Tactikast Answer everyone about What is Next.

Here to Tactikast we have a Dream: Give back to the Esport and its Strategists/Tacticians Community The Fief which Belong to Them.

Unfortunately without money it's not possible. So while we Started Months ago the Enormous Project: APEXARENA. We was too short in money to continue and while we may have try to Start a Kickstarter Campaign we consider that without a Demo/Alpha, It would have been too early.

When you are an indie team your advertisement opportunities are extremely limited.

So without a fully featured alpha it would have been a fail because no one would have heard about it. Moreover Trailer are nice but we all know today that they are far to be relevant.

Obviously, when it's a huge Company behind, We still pledge it because we know the project will go to the end. But Unfortunately when it's an indie Team Like, us, Tactikast. We want to trust them but we need more proofs.

So Here Come Klupteem a fully featured Community Hub. Right now you may ask you:

What the link between Esport Community, Strategist, Apex Arena and Klupteem ?

Well Let me first tell you a little story.

When We, Tactikast, Started (2 Years Ago) we joined several communities to present our project (Indiedb, Itch.io, Gamejolt, Discord ….) We posted several news and prepared the KickStarter Campaign.

Unfortunately we rapidly understood that all these communities was far to have so much members (we was making average 5 real views per months, yes Five). 90+% of the Community is today on Steam, Youtube and Twitch that's it.

When you are an indie Team better Don't even waste your time on platform like Facebook or Twitter because No one will see you. They became too big for little teams, and didn't have been though to allow someone to find them easily.

So at the opposite Itch, Gamejolt, IndieDB have been though for it But their community is far to be big (Mainly indie Dev but not so much Gamers).

Was remaining Discord. Not going to lie. 4 years ago there was room to present projects, Today despite you can still talk with some members most of the Communities are inactive, or full of bot.

Discord have been first though to be a platform where friend can make groups. Not so much to allow indies to find a community. Usually you join Discord because we gave you an invitation outside the Platform not because you found it in Discord.

From there we told us: "If it's to find 5 members per month on all these platforms Combine. Better do our own". First We can organise it according our needs. Secondly we can show, to you, what is our vision and how serious we can be. It's Winning-Winning

Sorry for this long story but it was needed. So we come back to it:

What the link between Esport Community, Strategist, Apex Arena and Klupteem ?

Here you go; This place have 5 objectives:

- First: Help everyone to find an Sustainable alternative to discord, which are not so numerous today (ie: Not a copy/paste). An alternative with a different approach. We do not expect those who like Discord to come here. Because we really think we are talking to a different community.

- Secondly: Find a community from who, Us Tactikast, we will be able to gather feedbacks and build a Hub according to it.
- Third: Show we are a serious team who Really want the best for you

- Fourth: Present the ApexArena to every members and our vision of the Esport in the Tactical Kind

- Five: Rise a Budget of 10 000€ to guaranty anyone we will start an Alpha. And Later a KickStarter Campaign if more funds are needed

Let's talk about what's going on.

First every members who register here: https://klupteem.com (https://klupteem.com/CommunityHub/Welcome.php) can directly join the Official Klupteem for ours projects from Their account:



From now we will at the same time continue and Finish the Klupteem Platform and Gather money for the ApexArena.

So About Klupteem

You will find all the needed explanation in the Community (And if you don't find what you are searching simply ask). We may run sometime little polls do not hesitate to participate to it.
Currently You can vote for the Official Klupteem Banner.

We heavily want your feedbacks so please share it and tell us your suggestions.

There is 3 lists you can find in this community; They indicate, the Fix, Enhancement and New features which are in progress. Currently empty, They will be mostly based on your feedbacks.

Obviously you can report sneaky bugs in the bug channel. And if you don't like chats you can enjoy a whole Forum Longside the community.

Finally while we are currently on the web platform we also plan to have a client later (Which should allow more technical freedoms). If you have specific notes about it; Please tell it.

At the same time we are working on the "Team Lounge" which will be a kind of Group chat but devoted to the Esports members with unique features.

We currently don't have a lot of feedback. So better to come each day to try to answer everyone, I will organise every 2 weeks a whole afternoon where we can talk together about everything concerning Klupteem or ApexArena, and all the feedbacks reports and suggestions you posted, while we was not available.

During the alpha a lot of restrictions apply. For example no Video upload are allowed. It's only for the alpha, while we are running test to avoid performance problems. Obviously in beta it will be allowed.

About ApexArena

In its own community you will find All the current official details about it. Still, as already said, we first need funds to go furthers. If you like this place or want to enjoy the ApexArena 1 day you can go in your account setting in the "Subscription and Stuff" Section.

From there in the "Store" 3 Pledges, For The ApexArena, are available (With the "ApexArena Pledge (40€)" mentioned) . They all 3 guaranty 40€ towards the ApexArena, but give you additional privilege for Your Klupteem account, when we will reach the Beta Phase of Klupteem.

Currently they are only pre-order and will not be activated as long as we do not reach the Beta.

Concerning The 40€ spent toward the ApexArena they will be Refunded if we do not reach our commitment (ie: Start an Alpha). So There are no risks for you but there is a Great reward for everyone.

I precise you can GIFT any additional subscriptions you buy to who you want (If you already bough 1 for you or get 1 for free).

We will soon accept credit card payment (should be fixed within 1 month) but currently we only accept virtual currencies through Coinpayment.

A Last note: 10 000 € Means 250 Pledges at 40€. Call me Crazy if you want but I do NOT Think it's a so big threat. 250 Pledges seems easy to reach.

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What About a little Break

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Want to get even more about The APEXARENA, Discover The New Tacticians’ Temple and Explore the Revolution, or take a break and Recover ?

Perfect! You just come to the right place, Enter and Visit.

Teasings, Spoilers, Presentations and Let’s Discover …. Here is few of what is awaiting you in The Lounge, The Official TACTIKAST’s Streaming Room.

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